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The Japanese Language Proficiency Test (Toronto) - York University

  日本語能力試験 (Nihongo Nōryoku Shiken) トロント会場 − ヨーク大学
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The JLPT was held at York University for the first time in Toronto in 1997. The test has been hosted by the Japanese Section of York University on behalf of the Japan Foundation. It is also a joint event by Japanese language professionals at several universities in Ontario.
The JLPT has been revamped to offer five proficiency levels:
N1 (most advanced) - N5 (basic)
In 2019 the number of the registrants is 687, which is the largest in Canada. Thank you very much for your enthusiasm in participating in the JLPT.
Only the on-line application is accepted.
No JLPT is hosted in the summer at this site.

     2021-2 JLPT Toronto @ York University is currently scheduled on December 5, 2021.

        However, the availability of the test depends entirely on COVID-19.
        The information will be updated in June upon the Japan Foundation's approval.
        The online registration will commence on September 1, 2021. 
        Norio Ota
        Coordinator, JLPT Toronto
        February 20, 2021

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